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About You

  • You need an environment where everyone’s common goal is to deliver outstanding products as fast as possible, and you sense that a focus on continuous improvement of the software development process will get you there
  • Your teams are facing tough challenges, not just technical, but how they work together
  • You don’t have someone dedicated to facilitating learning
  • You’re looking for guidance identifying areas of improvement in effectiveness and the practical expertise to support change

What is Bluestreak Collaborative?

A vehicle to devise collaborative missions that shift existing systems to support a more sustainable, beautiful, open world and workplace. Bonnie Aumann brings a Cambridge MBA, management consulting experience, and an array of skills developed over a decade as a non-technical Agile practitioner on web development, digital marketing, and IT teams. What do you bring?

Current Offerings

Tailored Workshops

  • Agile Fluency(tm) Diagnostic Workshop: Assess where you are to plan where you’re going
  • Applying Design Thinking to your Lean/Agile Process
  • Iteration Negative One: Bootcamp for testing product ideas before paying for app development
  • Microskills for Effective Teamwork
  • Other topic include: Strategy Deployment, Lean/Kanban Process Mapping, Non-techies in Agile Development, and more.

In person and remote available.

Impartial Facilitator

Sometimes you just need an outsider to guide a difficult conversation, organize a major retrospective, or reboot a product that’s gone off the rails. All engagements tailored to your context.

Peripheral Services


Your second set of eyes, ears, and hands for your bigger than average engagements, including but not limited to strategy deployment sessions, long-term embedded coaching, or interactive workshops/learning games.

Stand In

For the times you find yourself with a perfect opportunity to deliver an existing [talk/workshop/training] and only the limits of time and space stand in your way. Short deadlines encouraged.

Get in Touch

For qualifications, experience, and references, please check LinkedIn.